St. Patrick and the

And St. Patrick?

* St. Patrick is Ireland's patron saint.
432 years, St. Patrick was sent to Ireland for Christian missionary work as bishop, while traveled in Ireland until his death in 461 years to spread Christianity, it is said to have built a convent, schools and churches in the country. In Ireland to commemorate such a St. Patrick, it is his and which is March 17 anniversary a holiday called "St Patrick's Day".

St. Patrick's Day parade

* Irish love to be fun to Hitonatsukoku!
St. Patrick's Day is an Irish holiday, not only the home country, Ireland, the United States, Canada, Australia, not only descendants are many live countries Irish immigrants, such as New Zealand, Anyone festival lovers if there is interest in Irish culture It is the day that can be enjoyed to participate.

* Japan is famous parade of Tokyo-Omotesando, 2004, the first time St. Patrick's Day parade Motomachi Yokohama in Motomachi international city of Yokohama, the Minato Mirai Line has become the more convenient opening was held. Speaking of Motomachi, famous for its fashionable town. To celebrate St. Patrick's Day parade to be held all over the world, it is the perfect place.

* The St. Patrick Bishop was real in the early fourth century late-fifth century, it is the person who devotes to Christianity spread in Ireland. Mythology surrounding St. Patrick There are many, but the best known are those that were expelled the snakes from Ireland. Wild snake in Ireland even now, thanks to the St. Patrick's is not yet.

* St. Patrick's Day is also one of the events that go to worship in the church because it is a religious holiday in Ireland, but not only the Irish in the current, singing and dancing to drink all of the people all over the world, the rich culture of Ireland It raised the toast to and traditions, has become a day to celebrate together.

* Ireland has been called the "emerald island" from the beautiful green large landscape. So, speaking of the Irish symbol color "green". Irish festival, the day of St. Patrick's Day there is a custom to wear the clothes of the traditionally "green". Everyone to come to the St. Patrick's Day parade of Motomachi, please need to Motomachi wearing the color of the "green" somewhere! And have fun together!

* Festival favorite national character in the Irish friendly, it became quite familiar in Japan through the 2002 World Cup. As the Japanese who touched the warmth of the Irish through travel and study abroad increases, interest in the unique and wonderful Ireland has risen further.

* March 14, 2015 St. Patrick's Day parade in Yokohama Motomachi day.
We are pleased to welcome you. And enjoy the fun (Caric) Music (Ceoil) at Motomachi parade!
Everyone will be welcome!

St. Patrick's Festival Parade, Dublin, Ireland

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